EPAFLEXC: Air-Flex Corded

EPAFLEXCD: Air-Flex Detachable



A cost effective reusable earplug to help bridge the gap between quality and affordability. Designed to last for many months this locally manufactured earplug will give the wearer the neccessary protection against harmful noise while at the same time being soft and comfortable.


  • A tapered design that allows this earplug to fit most ear canals
  • An ultra-soft material provides a soft and comfortable seal and is comfortable for long term usage
  • A sturdy stem that allows an easy grip for insertion and removal
  • Material is non-allergic and is resistant to earwax and body oils
  • Meets SABS 1451 - 1988 Part 11/ EN 352-2-1993

Unique design features

  • The Only exchangeable ear plug that allows you to economically replace the earplugs while re-using the cord
  • Colour coded earpieces to avoid cross contamination of infection.

Banded Hearing Protector (NRR 23)


  • Soft ear pods designed for aural protection
  • Perfect for situations where one is exposed to intermittent noise
  • Pods can be easily replaced
  • Free replacement pods included

Standard Earmuff (NRR24)


  • Headband type earmuff
  • Meets SABS 1451 Part 1
  • Multi-position earcup with soft sealing cushions for comfort and fit
  • Replacement pads and foam are available

Clip on Earmuffs (NRR 23)


  • Cap attachment earmuffs to fit side slot of most safety caps
  • Replacement pads and foam are available